Ceanothus Blue Jeans

SMART MATS are rooted mats of beautifully mixed sedum plants that are ready to lay onto the soil and have a finished, ready-to-go ground cover. The sedum varieties included in the mix have been specially selected to do well in any existing conditions. Even better, they are drought tolerant and fire retardant! Use mat whole or cut (lay upside down to cut) and fill into smaller spaces.

Planting Location: Select a location that receives full to part sun and is protected from frost. Will do well on flat or sloped areas.

Easy Installation: Lightly rake the area to be planted, just enough to loosen the topsoil. Lay the mat in desired location and water well. Water three times per week for the first month to help the sedum roots get established in the new environment. Taper off watering to once or twice a week, depending on the dryness of your area.

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• Drought Tolerant
• Quick Installation
• Grass Replacement